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  1. Classic Star Wars Imperial Officer Admiral Rank Badge Accessory
  2. Imperial Officers were high-class soldiers who held various positions of responsibility, authority, and duty within the various branches of the Galactic Empire's military. Common traits among those officers were ambition, ruthlessness, and strong approval of the Emperor's plans to destroy the rebellion. ANOVOS is proud to offer the STAR WARS TM Imperial Admiral Rank

    Badge Accessory. Items are subject to change in availability and features. This is not a toy. Not suitable for children.

This STAR WARS TM costume accessory was recreated using measurements and reference taken from the original screen-used production assets.

  • This costume accessory is ready to wear.

  • Available in Admiral rank configuration.

  • The badge is made of metal and acrylic.

  • Anovos Latest Update: March 5th, 2018

    • We have moved the production of these items to a new manufacturer to lighten the load on our previous manufacturer. This move required us to briefly return to the pre-production stage to allow the new manufacturer time to tool up for the project. We have adjusted the shipping schedule to reflect Spring 2018 to accommodate for this.
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