Q: How can we contact Warp Drive Toys?


A: Due to large amounts of spam our contact page is only available when you log in to the site. Please create an account and log in. The contact form will then be visible to submit inquiries. Thank you.

Q: How do you ensure shipments will arrive intact?

A: All Warp Drive Toys shipments are packed and shipped in such a way as to ensure safe delivery, and we've chosen shippers with excellent track records. However we have found on occasion that damages have occurred against our best efforts. Even in those circumstances Warp Drive Toys makes every effort towards 100% customer satisfaction.
Q: What days do you ship?
A: Warp Drive Toys ships every day but Sundays and holidays. We make every effort to process your order and ship within 1 business day.
Q: Do you sell New and Used toys? 
A: Warp Drive Toys does not market on the site used collections unless it is customer consignment, most of them are sold through local markets to collectors. All of the products are new in the box. And any damage to the item will be noted at time of sale.
Q: Why does it say Pre-Order but has a inventory level assigned?
A: Some of the items arriving are limited to how many we will be allocated. Especially if the item is Pre-Sold out through the manufacture or supplier. Pre-Order items with no inventory indicates that the item is a open ended item that back orders are allowed.
Q: My item was in perfect condition when it arrived but why was the box not new?
A: Warp Drive Toys strongly believes in taking care of Mother Earth and makes every effort to recycle as much as possible. Our shipping paper is also recycled material. We try not to waste anything.
Q: Do you have a storefront?
A: Not at this time however our long term plans are to open a storefront. We are currently exploring opportunities to do just that. We do travel to many shows in Illinois throughout the year and open to new locations. If you have a suggestions please submit a request form.